Interested in volunteering? Anyone with some building and/or cultivation skills are more than welcome, and even if don’t have such skills but are willing to learn we’ll find a spot for you too. It won’t be a lot of concrete work but plenty of opportunities to show off your earth construction skills, some carpentry of course, plumbing, electricity (from PV and wind), and a lot of basic manual labor.

We will initially have camp sites (bring your own tent) with outdoor showers and compost toilets and plan to construct some more permanent housing during the first workshop. It will still be with outdoor showers and compost toilets.

When the time comes, we will post a form here where you can fill in some info about what you know, what want to help out with, and when you can join us.


  1. Natalie fiskhamnen Nowicka

    Garaget är internationellt och jag är fri, nyfiken och sjuksköterska vid det laget ni tar emot frivilliga. Dessutom gillar jag att jobba och lära mig saker. Så, Iruguay Weruguay Uryguay…gött så.

    • Natalie. I am so sotty. I necer saw you had written to us. We were not here in march though. We moved June 2015 and were not really settled more or less down until mid 2016.
      We are looking into taking volunteers now, but I guess we are too late with you.

  2. Hi Looks great. We seem to have a similar way of looking at things. My family and I will be arriving in Uruguay from South Africa in march next year. I will make contact then. I am an electrical technologist specializing in renewable energy (PV etc) and with plumbing focused on solar hot water heating so I am sure I can lend a small hand. Maybe you can help with our Spanish. My wife, son and I also do organic gardening.

    • Hi Ivan, RE and plumbing solar hot water are useful skills here! Do you already have a place to live or will you start looking once you’re here? Let’s stay on contact!

      • Hi Sorry I missed your post. Great to know about the renewable skills as this is my passion. We are still deciding where to live, do you have any suggestions?
        What are LPG and natural gas availability and prices in Uruguay?

        • Hi Ivan, we’re close to Carmelo a few kms from the river and pretty happy with that. If you need blue water (the river is red due to sediments) I’d suggest you start looking at Rocha. For more action, I guess the Montevideo area or Punta del Este may be what you look for. But the best is simply to get here, rent a car and start looking around.
          LPG is about 550 pesos/17 US$ for a 13 kg bottle. I don’t know about natural gas but perhaps you’d be able to find it in some places in Montevideo.

        • Hi Ivan. There is lots of South Africans in the Maldonado area and we are going to setup a Eco-Village just north of San Carlos, about 40km north of Punta del Este.
          We are all very excited and the community will all help to make this work and to support one another.
          You are welcome to contact us on fincauruka@gmail.com
          We also have a Facebook by the same name.

          • Hola Pierre, your post is somewhat dated now, post-pandemic and all. Does Finca Uruka still exist? Is the development of the eco-village outside of San Carlos still happening? I sent an email to the one listed in the ic.org directory and followed and msg. on FB but have not received a reply after 1 months time. Wishing you guys all the best. Regards, Jon in USA

  3. Hello Magnus & Verginia,

    Greetings from the Netherlands. I just watched your episode of Floortje and (as it always does) it really really inspired me. I have big travel plans next year, from October/December. Hopefully a year of traveling through south-america with volunteering and Wooff-ing at many places.

    Building is not really in my skill-set yet, but I learn fast and am willing. 🙂 One day I want to live off-grid / self-sustained, surrounded by nature.

    If you could use some help when I would be around, I would love to stay over and help you for a while. My plans are not so clear yet, but they will be.



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