Interested in volunteering? Anyone with some building and/or cultivation skills are more than welcome, and even if don’t have such skills but are willing to learn we’ll find a spot for you too. It won’t be a lot of concrete work but plenty of opportunities to show off your earth construction skills, some carpentry of course, plumbing, electricity (from PV and wind), and a lot of basic manual labor.

We will initially have camp sites (bring your own tent) with outdoor showers and compost toilets and plan to construct some more permanent housing during the first workshop. It will still be with outdoor showers and compost toilets.

When the time comes, we will post a form here where you can fill in some info about what you know, what want to help out with, and when you can join us.

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  1. Natalie fiskhamnen Nowicka

    Garaget är internationellt och jag är fri, nyfiken och sjuksköterska vid det laget ni tar emot frivilliga. Dessutom gillar jag att jobba och lära mig saker. Så, Iruguay Weruguay Uryguay…gött så.

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