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Ah, this is always difficult! On the one hand you’d want show you’re interesting enough for the reader to come back and check again. But on the other hand you don’t want to show off bragging about yourself and come through like a total idiot. But basically, we’re nice people.

About Virginia

I have been obsessed with trash since an early, tender age. It all started watching tv at age 8 or so when I saw enormous container ships loaded with trash on their way out of New York State in order to get rid of it in the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It would be the beginning of a many years infatuation. An obsession with reducing, re-using and recycling was born and there has been no way back. Clearly there is an underlying state of mind in order to create such an obsession and things did not get any better with age. Many years later, at 40 I found myself bringing my plastic trash with me back to Oslo after attending a Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. It was not much though, but the thought of it ending in the Ganga or in some cow’s stomach was unbearable.

So I am obsessed with trash, in love with Yoga and want to get to a point in my life where I can make a bit of a difference for those around me, even the slightest, by becoming a better person. Hopefully, checking out of life in the fast-lane, the rat race (one which I never really participated in) and all those things will bring me closer to my aims. Either way I am very much looking forward to waking up to my own self-imposed schedule, hopefully chirping birds and an actual sun to salute. I will not miss and will even rejoice at the absence of: swipe cards, codes, plastic wrapped fruits and vegetables, icy sidewalks and Eppendorf tubes. I will totally tremendously miss: Nittedal sleep-overs, cross-country skiing, the crisp air, the Scandinavian light, many dear friends, warm summer nights and Grünerløkka.

About Magnus

I guess one could say I’m obsessed with trash too. But unlike Virginia I like it! In particular trash that comes in the form of old motorcycles. And I wouldn’t mind a Chevy -57 Bel Air of course. Preferably red but other colours would be fine too. As beer brewing control freakish evolutionary biologist I have a couple of more interests but this will have to do for now…



  1. Hej, jag arbetar som journalist på Nya Lidköpings-Tidningen, NLT, och tipsades om dig och ditt liv och att du hade vissa kopplingar hit men även till Skara.
    Stämmer det?
    Och i så fall: det vore kul att träffa dig när du finns på svensk mark.
    Svenska hälsningar!

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