One first big leap taken

Today was a big day and I thought to myself earlier: “if everything goes well, I will celebrate by posting my first entry in this blog of ours. See if I can bring some life into it”. So, this is going to be a pretty public place where we are supposed to write entries in order to keep friends (or anybody who might be interested) updated with the ups, downs, advances and delays of our life project. A blog is a very open thing and kind of not so personal but very personal in so many ways. I find it very hard to be “out there” without putting “myself out there” if you know what I mean but I will give it a try. I want you guys to get the necessary info without giving it all away but at the same time I find it hard to convey my thoughts and feelings without getting personal. So we’ll see how this turns out.

Back to the BIG news. Today, our apartment, our first partially owned home in which we have been living the last four years just got sold, literally some hours ago. Everything goes pretty fast in the current crazy Oslo market and is elegantly and conveniently taken care of a real estate agent. The process resembles an auction that all happens via sms. Yes, it is quite surreal. I think almost everyone in this town will agree with me in that you can easily spend more time and energy thinking over whether you should buy that cute H&M fleece (which you actually can return and get the money back), than you ever will in buying an apartment which is likely to be one of the most expensive things you will ever buy.

Anyway, I guess selling your home will always be pretty intense. No matter whether it happens slowly or not, especially when you’ve never done it before. But the biggest thing in our case is that this is such a huge and clear step towards THE moving. We have been talking about changing our lifestyle by moving to the countryside in Carmelo for so many years that it is almost surreal to be writing this right now. I felt extremely scared and almost wanted to stop the buyers from bidding in the middle of the whole thing but as the day progressed I felt lighter and freer and more and more exited. There is still some fear in there, but not too much.

Our journey from hipster Løkka 200 mts. away from the highest concentration of restaurants, bars and street life in the whole of Norway to unknown Carmelo countryside with the closest neighbour not even visible has begun! Our next home is going to consist of two shipping containers to which we will add a massive wooden deck. Hopefully our expectations regarding the Carmelo weather will turn out to be right and we will spend lots of time outside gardening and building our future home. That one won’t be made of metal but of mud, recycled wood, sand bags, cob, car tires and glass bottles. It will “breathe and be alive”. It will of course also have an inside greenhouse, a mega food forest outside and a SWIMMING POND!

Next thing to dive into: paperwork. Yey! But first: continue making the list of seeds and gardening tools to be purchased soon. It is almost like I can feel the tickling in my fingertips…


  1. Looking forward to follow your progress. Although I’m going to miss you very much.

  2. Jag kommer snart efter med spade och hängmatta, gôtt med folk som gör slag i saken. Följer med spänning 🙂

  3. Mucho ánimo con todo! el primer gran paso ya está dado ahora a seguir caminando! y yo a seguirlo desde aquí deseándoos lo mejor a los cuatro…
    All the best from Coruña and I hope we will meet very son!

  4. Today I started following your blog. I´m a cousin of Cecilia and Federico told me about your interesting adventure in Carmelo. I live in Buenos Aires. Maybe we will meet soon. Best for your family.

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