A bad hair day

Ok folks, I know I promised something about septic tanks and hugelkultur but that will have to wait a bit longer. This is too good not to share!

When I woke up this morning I felt a bit tired. I slowly stumbled into the bathroom and realised I had a bad hair day. Really bad. The hair trimmer is still hiding in one or another box in the storage container and I need to find it soon. Even the kids are starting to make fun of me. I should either find the trimmer or get a hair cut in town.

A bad hair day. If the outside looks like that, imagine the inside...

A bad hair day. If the outside looks like that, imagine the inside…

Anyway, I went back to bed after the somewhat discouraging meeting with myself in the bathroom, intending to get some more sleep. A minute later both kids come running in to the bedroom, insisting on sleeping in my bed. Sounds cozy, doesn’t it? Well, it could be very cozy if it wasn’t for them teasing each other, which slowly turns into kicking and screaming and what not. After a little while I managed to persuade them both to leave me alone and have a pee instead. I also promised to make them some breakfast (please Virginia come back from Buenos Aires soon!) so the peeing was part of normal procedure.

I had a quick look at my emails (hey, it’s not only a bad hair day but also a good 3G connection day, let’s use to opportunity!) and noticed that I had a whole lot of emails from my bank when I hear Timea screaming that Tristan peed on her hair. Don’t ask me how that happened, I didn’t ask them. It just happened.

I got out of bed, showered Timea (oh man, she was pissed!) and started to prepare breakfast. And as the 3G was still on I also returned to the emails from the bank. It turned out that the bank was very interested to know if I had used Paypal, Wish.com, and Spindoctor about 20 times the last few days. I hadn’t. Someone probably skimmed my card when we were in Montevideo last week. I kindly requested the bank to stop all transactions and cancel my card, which they did in no time.

I didn't see the ditch until the horizon tilted...

Neither I nor the Finn noticed the ditch until the horizon tilted…

After that incident we all finished breakfast and went to the car, jumped in and took off to pick up the neighbour who was going to help me finish the septic tank today. Kids fighting again, I’m yelling again, horizon slowly moving, and all by a sudden I realise that I managed to reverse into the almost one meter deep ditch next to the neighbours entrance. Well done sir, well done. The left rear wheel is well up in the air, the left front wheel is barely touching the ground, the right rear wheel solid on the ground and the right front wheel is deep into the mud. And we’re going nowhere.

I’m roaring with laughter when the neighbour pops by and ask if I need some help. He takes his car and miraculously manage to tow us out of the ditch in almost no time. All this shit and it’s not even lunch time. But off we are!

And it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day with no incidents other than a peeled apple that was lost in the sand, Timea hitting Tristan with a hammer while trying to hit a nail he was holding for her, and a few additional minor scratches. All in all a great day! I love this shit 🙂

Obi-wan, may the force be with you. And me.

Obi-wan, may the force be with you. And me.

Obi-wan was made for these roads!

Obi-wan was made for these roads!

I also have to briefly mention Obi-wan who moved in with us after the trip to Montevideo. He’s a Royal Enfield 500 Desert Storm from India with a mere 300 kms on the odometer. He is also an inexhaustible source of disputes between me and Virginia (“No, you got to ride the bike yesterday so today is my turn!”). A great bike with just enough power to slowly propel the lucky rider of the day on the dirt roads surrounding Carmelo! And there you go, that’s why the septic tank isn’t finished yet. And it may well take even a little while longer as I also managed to buy some malt at Davok Brewery in Montevideo and found a box with some inspiring literature in the storage container 🙂

A bag full of malt and a coupe of free beers - thanks Davok Brewery!

A bag full of malt and a coupe of free beers – thanks Davok Brewery!

Some inspiration to go with the malt

Next update, I promise you, will be about septic tank and hugelkultur!


  1. The humongous silencer on that exhaustpipe needs to be replaced. For safety reasons as well as audio- and visual-aesthetic reasons. This will not do on such a fine bike!

    • Indeed! And I also need to replace the poorly mapped injection with an ancient carburetor and remove the mirrors (looks fine but are useless as soon an the engine runs) and the huge indicators and registration plate holder. But other than that, it’s a lovely bike!

  2. Your hair looks fine I’d worry about the face..

  3. Why move to Uruguay when you can move to Deje? http://www.svt.se/nyheter/regionalt/varmland/har-tar-jordskeppet-i-hallekil-form

    (totally agree with Gabba on the face/hair-issue)

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