Not much but yet quite much

I have been alone now for 3 weeks. It’s been quite draining. I originally had all these totally unrealistic delusional plans of fixing quite a bit of things and kind of surprise Magnus on his homecoming. Yeah, right. Being a single mom in a new country in a suboptimal housing situation turned out to be quite overwhelming. I have no idea what I have done with my time but I for sure have not been lazying around. At least it does not feel like it.

One thing that put me a bit off and rapidly punctured my delusional balloon were all the delays regarding our container home which should have been here more than two weeks ago. First it was the rain that made it impossible for the to come with huge trucks. Then, just when Magnus was boarding his flight to Europe I happened to find out that we were missing the one pilar that was supposed to go where the two containers are to be welded together, just a minor detail that was never mentioned to us before and just when we thought we were done… So I had to get some workers to do it for me because I simply could not face doing it by myself, it was too depressing. And that took some time. Then when that was solved the container company decided to totally not care about us and started off with some other project so:”no, we cannot deliver your home now, we don’t have any workers available until we are done with what we are doing now”. GRRRRHHHHHH!!!!. I actually lost my temper on the phone, it was not nice.

Well, so here I am. My kids don’t want to go to kindergarden, they have had their share of coughing nights and other small issues, and today decided to top it off with lice. The cows ate the few trees I planted (since the owner of the cows is very delayed with his fence) and I am trying to keep all my seedlings and small plants alive in small pots and vegetable boxes here in the house we are renting. Problem is I can’t seem to be able to stop buying plants and trees, it’s too hard! I guess this is why even though I have not done much more than fixing compost and compost bin, organizing workers, fighting on the phone, move soil around, collect stuff here and there and be a mom, I still feel exhausted. I guess all the stress from previous months is getting to me now as well.

All this said I have not doubted my decision once. I love being here and the lifestyle could not fit me better. It will be great to move in to our home and hopefully not have to deal with lousy drainage and other issues but I still don’t care. I very often find myself laughing at my situation: sitting in a pick-up truck loaded with rotting veggies, bamboo canes, sand, stones or cement. Cruising the town listening to Aspen 102.3 (oldies radio from B.A) on my way to something totally out of what has been the norm for me for 41 years. It is al so refreshingly new and exciting!

We have also met more nice people. The best neighbours we could wish for actually. We are so incredibly lucky that we ended up with neighbors pretty much like us and the kids even enjoy playing together! I have been hanging out quite a lot with them since we moved in here. Going to the beach, drinking mate under a tree, buying plants together, sharing knowledge and experiences and dreaming a bit about the future regarding construction workshops, food business, and other stuff. I have not felt lonely at all even though I am in the middle of nowhere and did not know a soul when I first got here. Ah, they even have friends running a yoga studio that I cannot wait to try. Insane!

Life in the slow lane can be a bit frustrating when you are trying to get things done but it is very, very nice too. It is mainly nice really and I hope we can continue like this for many more years. Now I really want Magnus to get back here so we can continue to do this together because doing it alone is not as much fun.

Sorry, no pics and my keyboard is defect (Timi spilled mate water on it) so no more text either.

Hasta la vista!


  1. Hi Vir! We finally subscribe to your post and we have been reading through the old ones as well. You could pile up all these postings and publish it. Would make a great book :). We are soon on our way to Norway. Tell you more. Big hug from us 🙂
    What an adventure…

  2. Hey, i’ve just finished reading all of your blog… Thank you for sharing. Both Blu and I look forward to hearing more about your journey…

    Keep smiling….


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