Meanwhile in Buenos Aires

Virginia is in Montevideo today, having another go with the residency permits. And my oh my, isn’t she a miracle of efficiency! Looks like she arranged an appointment for the three of us with Mercosur passports (i.e., not me…) already next week. She also had some documents translated and stamped, and with a wee bit of luck she’ll return back to Buenos Aires tomorrow with a Uruguayan bank account.

Well then, what happens in Buenos Aires? Nothing really. But I have to admit that, although I’m not a big fan of either big cities or winter, Buenos Aires looks great this winter! I’m not sure what it is, perhaps the low but strong light with massive shadows or slightly better air compared to the summer air, or simply the fact that we are staying in Puerto Madero with a great view of La Reserva Ecológica and can avoid all the hassles of the city itself.

See bro, Urruvajj's on the other side of that ol' river.

See bro, Urruvajj’s on the other side of that ol’ river.

We, the leftovers who weren’t allowed to tag along to Montevideo, decided to go for a quiet walk in la Reserva instead. Poor kids, I had them walking for more than two hours! But it’s a great place for walking, and we walked across to the river bank where the kids sat down on some rocks trying to see Urruvajj (Uruguay according to Timea…) on the other side of Rio de la Plata.

Tomorrow will be much more dramatic as we’re off to Grannie for lunch. And mind you, that’s hell of a trip across a decent chunk of the city for someone who doesn’t really know where he is going or where to get off the bus! I don’t even know where or how to charge the bus car–or ask for help for that sake. I really need to do something with my Spanish (or rather, my lack thereof). Timea and Tristan on the other hand, are doing great! They have started to happily give people orders in Spanish, reinforced with Norwegian and Swedish if anyone dare to disobey.

By the way, I think I have a new favourite band, Careta Tucon! Grab a beer and enjoy 🙂


  1. Great, makes me feel at home and follow the process in my country and in buenos aires of course! Abrazos y besitos

  2. Great, makes me feel at home and follow the process in my country and in buenos aires of course! Abrazos y besitos

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