Into the next phase

I have now been on packing holidays hunting for banana boxes and stuffing things into plastic bags for two weeks. It’s an emotional roller coaster like they say in reality shows (now I understand what they meant) but as long as I am not stressed by unexpected bureaucratic requirements it feels actually just great.

I have also worked my last days at my “regular” job after so many years and there were some mixed feelings there too. I started off there as a student, continued as a temp tech, and finally as a permanent part of the staff. I went through many phases and some tough times throughout those 13 years but I also met lots of people and some of my current best friends and came closer to figuring out what I really wanted to do with my life so I am super thankful to have had this opportunity and for the choices I made in the past. For days after leaving on my last day I kept thinking about how fast it went to empty my office and walk away leaving almost no traces after being there for so long, carrying just a backpack and a shopping bag. It felt strange, but on the other hand I had been thinking about that day for so long that it also felt very natural. And now, after our good-bye lunch two days ago it feels even more natural. I just have to say this, our colleagues organized the nicest full-on lunch for us, they even cooked vegan food! Norway being the country of bring-your-own-bread-lunch… I was just very impressed and moved, it was super both for the soul and for the stomach. I also got to hear some really nice words and even managed to hold my first speech ever. It was so nice, I will always remember it.

Well, banana boxes are piling up and time is running out. At the same time I am constantly trying to remind myself to try and enjoy these last weeks (it’s not even months anymore) as well as being efficient, but it is hard to get enough time for everything. I guess I am looking at more days of intense mood swings going from total-happiness-this-is-so-right-self-confidence-boost mood to total panic-freak-out-WTF mood. All very normal I guess. The only thing that bugs me a bit is that this has just started, how on earth are these emotional Latino-Swedes going to cope with it all? That remains to be seen so keep in touch and follow tight!

Now, back to packing.


Boxes, boxes

Boxes, boxes

MORE boxs

MORE boxes. There are many more in other corners, I promise.

From our colleagues and boss.  The walnuts were a game where we had to spell what we were getting as presents: a coffee machine (still at the office) and money for a walnut tree :)

From our colleagues. The walnuts were a game where we had to spell what we were getting as presents: a coffee machine (still at the office) and a walnut tree (to be bought in the future)  🙂


  1. Me emocionaste y lo vivo contigo aunque casi no nos vemos. Voy a nyork el domingo y vuelvo el que son los últimos días pero solo para darles un beso y la bienvenida a mi país! Estaré en nov dic. Besos

  2. we are expecting you both at home with four comfortable beds as long as you need to ensure a secure landing and a good “on the meanwhile”
    Federico is preparing some necessary items on the “other side of the river”

  3. stôlleprov! Å de har ja ju allti jillat

  4. Hoppas ni mår bra.
    Bor numera på lanne utanför Uppsala mä katter, höns å kaniner å en botanisk träggård i liten skala.

    • Vi mår alldeles utmärkt käre Kungen! Det låter ju väldigt trevligt med katter, höns och kaniner – för att inte tala om en botanisk trädgård!
      Må väl och om du av en händelse skulle befinna dig i våra krokar så är du naturligtvis hjärtligt välkommen!

      Ha det gott, Prinsen

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